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Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka - shining beautiful country - is named the former Ceylon since 1972. With only 66000 km▓ not big, but there is unbelievable much more to see and to discover:
only to name a part of it. Simply let take the following pictures in you:

Landscape and culture:

World's End  World's End
Pollonaruwa  Polonnaruwa
Aukana Buddha
 Aukana Buddha
On the Road On the Road
Tea for two  Tea for Two in a Tea Factory's CafÚ
Trincomalee  Near Trincomalee
Waterfall2  Waterfall
rubber  Rubber
gems  Gems


Pinnawela Elephant Wise House:


Sri Dalada MaligawaKandy Dance1Kandy Dance2
Sacred Temple of the Tooth Relic                                                                          Kandy Dance

Botanical Garden Peradeniya:

Peradeniya KartePeradeniya1Peradeniya2Peradeniya3Peradeniya4Peradeniya5Peradeniya6Peradeniya7Peradeniya8

An impressionable train trip through the Highland:

train1train2train3train4train5Tea Factorytrain6

Flora and Fauna:
Banana1Banana2Banana3Palm1Palm2    Flower1Flower2Flower3banana4pinapple1Pinapple2Pinapple3apes

Sunsets above the Indian Ocean (Snapshots from Raja Beach Hotel, Balapitiya):
Sunset 1Sunset 2Sunset 3Sunset 4sunset5Sunset6

Sri Lanka politicalSri Lanka geografical
Courtesy of the University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin

Flying time:
London-Colombo ca. 11 hours

Time Zone:
The local time of Sri Lanka is calculated from the Greenwich Mean Time plus 5,5 hours.
That means, Sri Lanka local time is European winter time plus 4,5 hours, European summer time plus 3,5 hours.

Sri Lanka possess a varied climate in spite of its relative small size.
Dry areas for example in the North and South-East change with subtropical areas in the Coast Regions.
At the Highland within the Central Region, rules European climate, ever high the cooler it will be.
For example, in Nuwara Eliya, laying at 1890m height, there is the danger of  frost during the night.
In the coast-regions the average temperature measure is 26-32░C.
The water temperature of the Indian Ocean behaves to 27░C, commonly all of the year.
The isle has two seasons - dry and rainy season, where the northeast area stands exactly in opposite to the southwest area.
The Southwest Monsoon brings rainfalls to the south and west between may and september.
The Northeast Monsoon supplies the north and east between december and february with rainfalls.
Even while monsoon season the sun is shining daily, rain is falling mostly in the afternoon or evening.
In october or november there is the possibility of rain and thunderstorm all over the isle.
Often the rain is even a welcome cooling.
Longtime it takes generally not, as suddenly the rain had begin, as soon it stops mostly,
and the sun is shining as before...

The actual weather forecast:

Tours and excursions:
we like to organize, complete individual and also at the pit face.

Please inform yourself under www.eta.gov.lk for the actual visa regulations.

Further information about Sri Lanka you can find at the sides of Sri Lanka Tourist Board, too.

Currency in Sri Lanka is the Sri Lanka Rupee, informations about the actual exchanche rates here at Yahoo.