An exciting event:

Ham Radio Expedition of Amateurs from Czech republic in our hotel from 28.2. to 10.3.2016.

In the following diashow you can observe assembly of the station and the operation:

Ham Radio Event Sri Lanka 2016

In action were the following antennas:

Spider beam 14m high

Folding antennas HEXBeam also in 14m – the elements should have been straight but they decided to fold – it looked sort of peculiar but performed as expected.

Full size 4SQUARE on 40 + 80m – each of the 2x4 vertical poles 10 respectively 20m

high had 8 pieces of ground wire and finally

Vertical for 30m hidden in the palm trees.

They did setup their shack in our technological room – they operated 2 transceivers – ICOM IC703 and Kenwood TS480 each with about 700W transistor amplifiers.

With this setup they made a bit over 10 000 contacts during less than a week of operation.

And last but not least 2m moonbounce operation setup (VHF signal propagates to the moon and back – so some serious setup is needed). There was 10m long Yagi on a ladder with rotator both direction and azimuth. The Equipment was IC7000 with Italab 1kW amplifier and home made preamp 0.2dB Noise figure. With this modest setup was made nice 81 contacts with stations all around the world.



The operators did found the crew of the hotel very friendly and allowed us to do what-ever we wanted within their garden (about 40x140m). There was space enough to build the mentioned antennas. The drawback was the palm trees all around and the houses so the vertical poles for the 4Squares were too close to some disturbing objects, and the radial too short but OK – it worked and we managed over 1200 contacts on 80m mostly Europe and Japan, even some stations from the North America were worked. We did hope to set up something directly on the beach – unfortunately it was not possible…. Good was there was no local interference from some electrical appliances – as is common in most tropical destinations and often has completely damaging influence as is well known within the community.

Overall the experience was good and we can recommend the hotel as HAMRADIO operation friendly.

For the group
Jiri Sanda